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2009-05-10 13:09:07 by Tranceverser

Hi everyone
I just wanted to say that we'll no longer submit on this account anymore, we've made a new account named N-Core:
The name tranceverse was already used, so this account is now named Tranceverser.
Also please check out the first song from N-Core, Ibiza.

Ravers Fantasy RmX

2009-02-24 09:22:12 by Tranceverser

A while ago TranceVerses counterpart released HIS first song in fl studio, yesterday I released mine. /215569
A remix of an unforgettable classic, Ravers Fantasy, by Tune Up (the team behind Cascada).
It's my first song in Fl, so don't be all too harsh on me, okay?

We┬┤re in heaven RmX

2009-02-16 16:38:17 by Tranceverser

Today I released 'We're in Heaven RmX', my first song with Fl-studio. /213539
Rate and comment (and eventually download)
- Tranceverse

Eurodancer And More

2009-01-22 01:50:06 by Tranceverser

Hey all,
A few days ago I've submitted Eurodancer RmX. It's doing pretty well, I'm happy with it.
On another note, we might be changing our name soon. We discovered there is already a website/forum called Tranceverse, so in the near future, we hope our name to be: Tranceact.
Tranceverse sounds better, but we want to prevent copyright infringement on any scale.

New Horizons

2009-01-11 11:54:15 by Tranceverser

Just submitted our 4th song named New Horizons.
I made this in a week or so. I've also found a way to improve the mastering. /202289

Distant Memories DEMO

2009-01-06 11:28:19 by Tranceverser

A new DEMO from us.
Pretty bad mastering, so thats (among others) a reason why it's a DEMO. /200922
Enjoy listening,
BTW, happy 2009!

First song coming up!

2008-11-27 16:08:35 by Tranceverser

'Lo peoples!
Today we've got the positive news of our first song coming up! It will be called "The Storm, and should be online by this weekend. We're just perfectionising the song at the 'mo.
Timo & Daniel, Tranceverse