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{dj-N} Skydivin' {dj-N} Skydivin'

Rated 5 / 5 stars


0:34 makes my hair stand straight
I didn't really like your previous songs with vocals, but this one makes it all okay.
I think this remix is much better then the original song.
About everything is perfect in this song.

Atomic Inc - Better Way Atomic Inc - Better Way

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love all your music. You can turn every single melody, even minor, sound happy and rave-like. I love the main lead combined with the bell-like things.

- Tranceverse

A New Energy - F-777 A New Energy - F-777

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not your best. I like, but not that much. Sorry.

It was a fine song. To be sho. But it just wasn't that enjoyable for me. It didn't deviate from your normal genre at all, and to be honest, I've heard too much of that. I'm not saying it wasn't/isn't 110% quality, but I've simply heard too much of this. I'm sorry. The name fits perfectly though. I know this is the most useless review in the history of useless reviews, so ima gonna give you some tips that would make it stand out more IMO.

You near always use this "chinese harp/string" I can't quite name right. Get that out of here. I realy don't think it fits the song. Maybe replace it with some classical grand piano, but not the dreaded strings. Add some groovy dance parts. With a nice, side-chained bass and a raspy lead and hard kicks. Up the volume on the kicks. They're way too soft. The main lead is fine though. I would also kick out glitters in the way beginning.

Okay. My rant is finished. I'm not gonna vote this, 'cause other people like it, I don't wanna bring the score down. So, you're a talented artist Jesse, just deviate from your current style, is what I would say.

Disturbia (Cover) Disturbia (Cover)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is a very impressive cover.
The piano+violins give a soothing sound.
There are some things that you could work on: I like those beeps but they appear randomly and just 3 times. You could also work on the end, try using a fade or something. The rest is perfect to me.

We Believe Ep.6 - F-777 We Believe Ep.6 - F-777

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome. One Of Your Best Works Up To Date!

Darnit, this is just completely awesome. I'm drooling at the thought of this. It's so full of energy and it sparkles with awesomeness. I can't stop thinking of this song, it's got me entranced. I luuuuv the wind flute you used. I like the little "cutoff" effects you used. It doesn't get repetitive, I mean, maybe it is, but not in a bad way. I can't really give any constructive criticism, there's nothing to improve. I absolutely love this. I cant do other than to:


F-777 responds:

Woah thanks so so so much!!!
Im really glad you liked it!!!

Thank you again!

R - the river R - the river

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice Melody!

Made this yourself? Bravo for you :-)
Sounds nice. But you HAVE to admit you got some inspiration from Yann Tiersen's
Comptine D'un Autre Été. Practically I loved it. It's a bit much of the same... but you could definitely build up from this. What software was used here or none at all, plain recording?


Rwinius responds:

hmm yann tiersen, yeah maybe subconsiousnessly..
now that you mention it it does sound alot alike. but i can assure you that it wasnt my intention..

the high piano notes are indeed the same, that must have been why i had that high octave in my head :D

the song was made with (what else) slightly modified samples from FL.

thanks for the review :)

Dj Clayface - Slowing Down Dj Clayface - Slowing Down

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Here we go:

Ok let me see:
Classic piano intro, you can't do any more good. I lurve piano intros.
Beat was fitting, not overpowering. I would make it flow a little more though. But it's ok.
Nice "wow"-lead to differentiate from the piano.
I would let the piano finish around 0:30 though. It gets really tackey if we hear it all song long.
EXTREMELY nice outro.
I'm liking this.

So, a 2.40 (current score) is NOT what it deserves. It deserves better.
I don't think it's worth a 5, but to compensate the 2.40, here you go:

It's Impersonal It's Impersonal

Rated 4 / 5 stars


"Not enough "reviewers" on NG." - Totally agree. Here's a review for you ;-)

Nice groove, nice lead. Add a nice crunchy bassline, and some kicks. You're beats are ok ATM, but I would make them a little more interesting. Don't overly use rolls. If you use a roll, change the beat. It gets overly repetitive. Drastically change some parts of the song, for after 2 andahalf minutes it just gets boring. I guess it would go well with some vocals. Lil'Wayne or something... :-)

If you want, check out my stuff, and review away.

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Godknown responds:

That's some great advice you gave me. Thanks for actually reviewing! I appreciate it a whole lot! Take care of yourself.

Your friend,
Ka'eo =]

Under Electric - Dark Elecric Under Electric - Dark Elecric

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Too hollow.

I would add some pads. It's not bad, but could definitely be better.
We're you going for an 8Bit Style? If so, good shot.

{Para}_MyHearthWillGoOn_{Noxx} {Para}_MyHearthWillGoOn_{Noxx}

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Calming man!

Geez... I feel like I'm floating while listening to this!
This is really nice! The beat/kick is not overpowering at all, and all fits really well together. I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.

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MrAw3s0me responds:

thx alot , thats awsome